‘Twas The Night Before Funding

‘Twas the night before funding at our borrower’s house
With five children, ten grand-kids, and one loving spouse
And one stack of bills by the chimney with care
Knowing funds to pay all of them soon would be there

For the stresses of finance had left him in debt
His golden years taken and replaced by red
But after a long, careful journey with an industry pro
Two days past he had signed, and tomorrow he’d close

And this LO was smart – she shared her borrower’s dream
With so much at stake, she trusted only one team
With decades of experience, knowledge, and care
With unmatched expertise and a genuine flare

Into the evening this team, they moved with a clatter!
Scanning docs, checking every detail that mattered
The title searched close with precision and care
Payoffs and taxes confirmed and the insurance square

And a timely disbursement, for that she never feared
Her borrower paid up just in time for some holiday cheer!
His confidence back, his life reassured
His LO and her settlement team kept their word!

Now back to his children, grandchildren and wife
And the LO to hers, her work done for the night
For excellence is our promise, nothing less, that’s your right
A timely funding for all, and for all a good night!

From our ARS family to yours, we wish you the Happiest of Holidays, and Thank You for making Allegiant Reverse Services your trusted Title and Settlement partner!

ARS Calculator Update- Suffolk County, NY

The ARS Calculator has been updated to reflect a new fee in Suffolk County, New York. The county legislature approved an amendment to Local Law 26-2016 that adds a Mortgage Verification Fee of $300 per document on all mortgage related documents. This law goes into effect on January 1, 2017.

The Mortgage Verification Fee fee will apply to all mortgage related documents, such as, but not limited to, mortgages, mortgage assignments, CEMAs and mortgage satisfactions.

We stand behind our rate calculator, which is why we advise you to pull a new quote for each application, to ensure you are receiving a current fee. If you do not have access to our calculator, please inquire with us for a login.