Eskaton Reassurance Program

Eskaton’s Telephone Reassurance Program provides participants comfort and connection during the COVID-19 pandemic, and year-round, to older adults. Through daily phone calls, Telephone Reassurance Program volunteers provide socialization, comfort and connect at no cost to over 500 participants. Leveraging technology to practice social distancing, the call center team is operating from several location.

Know someone who can benefit from the comfort of a friendly voice? To register for the program, contact Christie Hebditch at 916-334-1072 or visit:  and complete an Application.

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ETR How to become a member

Ready… Set… eClose





Our partner First American offers a very helpful flyer to clear up some of the confusion on RON’s.

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May Webinars

Tips to Improve Your Closing Experience

Wednesday, May 13,  2020- 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST 

Closing transactions efficiently and accurately is our first priority. You’ll get peace of mind and security with our smooth and easy process. Join us to see how you and your borrower can help improve the closing experience.

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Introduction to Manufactured Homes

Wednesday,  May 20,  2020 – 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST 

Please join us for an introduction to Manufactured Home guidelines, procedures and suggestions to help make the process smoother. This is a segment of our business that often is met with hurdles, questions and confusion. The purpose of this class is to help you identify red flags early in the process and to help arm you with information and questions to ask your borrower. 

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Happy Earth Day!

As a company we are always looking for ways to improve our service, our efficiency and even our global footprint. In recent months ARS made the transition away from purchasing single-use items such as plastic utensils, coffee cups, paper cups, paper plates and bowls. We’ve opted to invest in traditional silverware, plates, bowls and cups for staff to use and reuse as needed.

We are also beginning a drop off program for employees to bring in ink cartridges and batteries. ARS will make sure these items are brought to the appropriate locations to dispose or recycle. Batteries contain toxic and corrosive materials that can pose threats to health and the environment if not properly disposed. The heavy metals present in ink cartridges will pollute the soil and water when they reach landfills. Thankfully there are retailers who will collect your items and take care of the rest. For example, your local Best Buy or Target may have a drop-off bin near their entrance or guest services area.

You too can take small steps towards having a positive impact on the environment:

  • Though it may not currently be available due to the pandemic. Opt for reusable instead of single-use when you can.
  • Approximately 75% of plastic generated ends up in landfills and only 9% is actually recycled. This is often due to an item being recycled incorrectly and not to mention that of the 7 types of plastic only 3 are widely accepted in local programs. There are certain recycling rules to glass and paper waste as well. No one recycling program is the same. Review your city recycling program to best understand how it works and what is accepted. Do you need to remove labels? Do you need to clean the container?
  • Invest in products with an environmentally conscious mission.
    • Stasher Bags: Silicone, reusable bags. Dishwasher, oven, stove, microwave, freezer safe. Offering 25% off site-wide.
    • Pela Case: Solution based company providing compostable phone cases, phone accessories and sunglasses. Currently offering buy one, get one on phone cases as part of their Wear One, Wash One campaign to encourage phone sanitizing during pandemic. Also offering buy one, get one on sunglasses.
    • Package Free Shop: Provides a large catalog of package free and material conscious products for kitchen, beauty, hygiene, kids and more. Offering 25% off site-wide, 40% off subscriptions.
    • Everlane: Clothing brand offering sustainable alternative to clothing production and transparency with manufacturing and pricing model. Invested in eliminating all virgin plastic from supply chain, moving all cotton to organic cotton, developing new up-cycled materials, zero waste to landfill distribution and so much more.
    • Girlfriend Collective: Closed loop and up-cycling active wear brand. Uses recycled plastic in production. You can send brand products back to the company once it’s run its course to be repurposed. Donating 20% of Earth Day net proceeds to One Tree Planted.
    • And so many more.

Remember that it’s not about being perfect but trying to make little changes that add up to greater change. Happy Earth Day!

Reverse Market Insight (RMI) presents: Remote Work: Purchasing Prospect Lists

Eligible customers are more interested than ever in reverse mortgages as their investment portfolios need time to recover from the recent market sell-off.

In our second video of a new series to help our clients leverage RMI data through the Dashboard, check out how you can maximize your marketing dollars by targeting your prospect lists with more than is available through credit or property record data on its own.

Click the image below to watch demo.

We hope you find this video useful, and if there is an idea you’d like us to explore in a future video please share that with us at