Meet our Solutions Department


What is the Solutions Department responsible for? 
Our Solutions Department is your multifaceted friend. We are the initial point of contact for getting you ready to work with us. We handle account setups for our fee calculator, order source and property profiles. We open your orders and get you set up with your settlement team. We also assist with pre-escrow inquiries such as public records research, host trainings and webinars, and provide helpful tools and references to you and your team.
What characteristics make our Solutions Department great?
We want to be your go-to when you aren’t sure where to go and provide you with a positive interaction that keeps you coming back. Our teamwork, experience, attention to detail and problem-solving skills are exceptional. We take great pride is being resourceful, prompt and efficient. We welcome every opportunity to teach, share and continue our own learning. We have a genuine passion to help with a courteous, caring, and respectful nature.
A note from the Manager…
We chose the department name client solutions because that’s what we do. We are where you will be helped or pointed in the right direction. Each member of our team has the focus of problem solving and customer service. In the instances where we aren’t the correct contact to help, we happily direct you to the team or department that can. We enjoy being the one stop shop for our clients and assist in any way we can.