Our Secret Sauce!

Our main ingredient is our PEOPLE. They are the foundation to our success and provide endless value.

” Allegiant is the best for reverses out there. No one is even close to Allegiant as far as service and experience.” – RM Processor


Now that you know our main ingredient is our PEOPLE, we want to start adding some flavor with DEDICATION. We thrive on problem solving and focusing on the special care needed for each transaction.

“You always get the little things right. And you nail the big stuff too. Accommodating, fast and smart all the way along.” – RM Loan Officer


We laid our foundation with our PEOPLE and we mixed in a big pinch of DEDICATION. Now we add one of our favorite ingredients…EXPERTISE. With decades of experience and our family recipe all for your benefit.

“I am very happy using ARS… They go over and above on every file, which makes processing my loan so much smoother. I know I can depend on them with every order.” – RM Processor


PEOPLE, DEDICATION, and EXPERTISE are out staple ingredients but our recipe wouldn’t be complete without our prized seasoning…CARE. Together you have a flavor combination that can’t be beat!

“It’s all worth it in the end. We truly change people’s lives and make better retirement… Thanks for your patience with the tough loans…and for everything you do every day. [The borrower] teared up after the closing because he was so relieved, we finally reached the finish line… I could not do it without our teamwork. Thank you all!” – RM Loan Officer