Reverse Mortgage Daily: How Reverse Mortgage Professionals Can Prevent Wire Fraud

Wednesday, April 18th we launched a new webinar dedicated to enhancing the security of a mortgage transaction. We reviewed some of the most common ways you can detect fraud so you can protect yourselves, your clients and increase overall awareness of the dangers of fraud. Read all about it below:

“Real estate transactions—including reverse mortgage transactions—are increasingly a target for scammers, as seen by title and closing professionals on an ongoing basis. But there are precautions and measures loan originators and others who participate in the reverse mortgage market can take in order to avoid the unfortunate consequence of a borrower’s funds being stolen.

“The same technology that has helped us to work faster and more securely has opened a whole new application for scammers,” said Adan Gutierrez, client solutions manager for Allegiant Reverse Services, a division of FNC Title of California, during a webinar hosted by ARS on Wednesday.”

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