Riskiest Week for Wire Fraud in Six Years

Fraud Warning

Riskiest Week for Wire Fraud in Six Years

Presented by WFG National Title Insurance Company

Could this be the riskiest week for wire fraud in six years? The answer is yes!

With the Fourth of July being observed on Friday, unfortunately, this creates an opportunity for scammers. One thing different about this year than in previous years is that the federal reserve is open!

As fraudsters attempt to take advantage of this situation, scams on Thursday and wires sent to fraudulent accounts presents a risky scenario as you will have a much lower chance of recovery if the fraud isn’t detected until next week.

If it fells off… THINK S.A.S.S.Y.!


STOP: Stop and take time to check and double check information.

ASK QUESTIONS: Know who your company resources are and ask questions when needed!

SOLVE: Take the necessary steps to solve the issue at hand.

SUCCEED: Happy clients equals repeat business.

YOU GOT THIS! Together we can make an impact!


Let’s go into the long holiday weekend with a sense of security and vigilance to protect our clients and your company.

The treat of wire fraud is real. It’s not a questions of it it will happen, but WHEN? Click here to watch a real life story of what happens when wire fraud does occur.