Suddenly Alone

WE’LL CALL THEM THE MARTIN FAMILY. I have been friends with their family for a decade. They are a huge tribe of amazing people with big hearts, and lots of love for one another. With nine brothers and sisters, their children, their children’s children, all led by the family matriarch Great Grandma Mary, imagine the massive head count at their family gatherings. Every event is always filled with love, laughter and, of course, lots of food to feed the troops. When you’re immersed into a group at any function, no matter how big or small, there’s always that one connection you make that you know is just real. For me, that person was Aunt Kay. She’s extremely artistic and creative, which drew me to her immediately, being an artsy soul myself. She is also sarcastic, funny, a real spit fire and, always made me feel like a part of the “Tribe.”  A woman of admirable qualities, she is also a dedicated mother, grandmother and the loving wife of Carl for over 40 years.

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…Aunt Kay said to me. “Being able to rely
on someone knowledgeable that you can trust after something
like this happens makes a world of difference.”