Tips for Scheduling Closings

Nothing is more frustrating than getting all the way to the end of a transaction and then problems arise at the signing. Many loan officers attend every closing in person to guide the process. Many closings take place at a time or place where only the notary/attorney is present. To set everyone up for the best chance of success, Todd Ausherman, CEO of Notaroo, provided the following tips. These suggestions are great to follow on a regular basis, but even more important at the end of the month:

  • Time is most important, the more time the better.  When it is necessary for a same-day close, a flexible time is very important.  We use phrases like “we can have the notary/attorney reach out to the borrower to coordinate a time that works for them both.”  Otherwise your pool of quality notaries gets hurt significantly.
  • Having a designated point person who can be available for last minute issues that the notary can contact. This could be the loan officer, processor or anyone who would be able to answer questions regarding product, pricing or concerns that the borrower may have. Your ARS Settlement Team will always be available as well but these specific issues are best discussed by you.
  • Try to be realistic with doc drawing times on last-day-to-sign. Losing a notary at the last minute because docs aren’t ready means trying to find a last minute replacement, which could mean lesser quality as the preferred notaries are typically booked solid  at the end of the month.
  • Awareness that last-day-to-sign-notaries are in signings back to back, meaning later in the day appointments often get pushed back. It may be good to prep the borrowers in those cases.
  • If there are concerns with the borrower’s experience on signing day, it could be worthwhile to call and prep / interview the notary to make sure they are who you want representing you.  If this is done early in the process, it can be a useful tool to tailor the borrower experience.

Allegiant Reverse Services is here to partner with you every step of the way. We want to ensure the best quality for your closing. Attorney closing states bring additional challenges that may not have as much flexibility as we would want. Due to an unprecedented volume please aim to submit requests for attorneys 48 hours in advance.