Title Tidbits: Endorsements

Title Tidbit from ARS’ Underwriting Counsel/Title Manager, Kevin Weaver. 

Q: Which endorsements are required for my policy?

A: The required endorsements may vary between different lenders and policies but there are tools available to provide clarification. Your lender’s instructions will provide a list of required endorsements for the policy. If you have questions regarding what a specific endorsement is or what is applicable to your transaction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. We have developed an endorsement matrix to assist with inquiries.

Q: Which endorsements are applicable to my state or product?

A: Our new fee calculator makes knowing and customizing your endorsements simple. You will be directed to a page to view an itemized list of endorsements after you enter your product and property address. The endorsements will default based on the product and state selected. You then have the ability to select additional endorsements to include on the quote to your borrower.

When in doubt, remember that we are always happy to assist and make your transaction as smooth as possible.

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