Camp Fire Survival Story

Meet Carol and her friends (pictured above) who were displaced during the Camp Fire in Butte County, CA.  Carol is safe, but her friends need a place to stay.


Caroline Elizabeth Rollo was a resident of Magalia for 9 years with her late husband, Ted a.k.a. Teddy Bear.  After Ted’s passing, Carol moved on to live at Feather Canyon Retirement in 2008 and has developed a community of great friends.  Caroline loves to dance; in fact, in her younger years she and Ted danced competitively.  Carol is wonderful in the kitchen, she loves to bake, cook and has a wicked sense of humor.


On Thursday, November 9th at 7:30 am, Carol and her dog Sadie stood at the corner of Feather Canyon Retirement parking lot when her close friends Dwight Lightbody (Buddy) and Rich Brown drove by and picked her up.  At this time the fire had spread to surround their vehicle; luckily, the 3 narrowly escaped Paradise arriving in Corning 8 hours later.  Carol is currently staying with family until she can  relocate to a new residence. Buddy and Rich are staying at hotel in Redding as they pursue a new residence.


Allegiant Reverse Services (ARS) has bought Carol a new bed, dresser, TV and are replacing her favorite lounge chair. Our team has come together to do whatever we can to help make her relocation to Roseville a little easier. We know nothing can replace what she has lost, but we’re doing everything we can to make sure her basic needs are taken care of.  There are hundreds more just like Carol who are temporarily or permanently relocating while their community gets rebuilt.

If you can help in any way please contact us at

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