HOUSE BILL 1474 – effective January 1, 2024

AN ACT Relating to creating the covenant homeownership account and program to address the history of housing discrimination due to racially restrictive real estate covenants in Washington State;

NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 36.22 RCW to read as follows: (1) Beginning January 1, 2024, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, the county auditor must collect a covenant homeownership program assessment of $100 for each document recorded, which is in addition to any other charge, surcharge, or assessment allowed by law. The county auditor may retain up to one percent of the moneys for collection of the assessment and must remit the remainder of the moneys to the state treasurer to be deposited in the covenant homeownership account created in section 4 of this act. (2) The assessment imposed in this section does not apply to: (a) Assignments or substitutions of previously recorded deeds of trust; (b) documents recording a birth, marriage, divorce, or death; (c) any recorded documents otherwise exempted from a recording fee or additional assessments under state law; (d) marriage licenses issued by the county auditor; (e) documents recording a name change order under RCW 4.24.130; or (f) documents recording a federal, state, county, city, or water-sewer district, or wage lien or satisfaction of lien.