We have absolutely no complaints, only kudos for our Team Triumph partners. They are an amazing group to work with…I wish we could use ARS for all of our files…

RM Loan Production Assistant


Krystal and Team Valor are awesome. I am so pleased with the level of professionalism and communication…Thank you…for being available on your end if I ever need you. 

RM Branch Manager


It is so easy doing loans with you guys! Wish all title companies worked like that.

RM Set Up


We love the teams we deal with at ARS and are always so grateful when the partner agrees to go with our choice of title! So just wanted to say thank you for making our job that much easier. 

RM Manager

My team and I are blown away by the service we get and the problems she solves…considering the work and the brilliance she has to bring…She is so dedicated and determined…We know who is remarkable and who is good. Krystal is exceptional…We are grateful and appreciative. 

RM Loan Officer


I am continually impressed with the service that I get from Nicole and her team on our refis! I am sending all of mine that I can to you. 

RM Transaction Coordinator


You are all incredible…Thanks for all you guys do. It’s really amazing watching you guys work.

RM Operations Leader


Thank you! I have worked with many escrow/title companies and you guys are the best! I am really happy I was introduced to your team. 

RM Processor

Business is insane busy and you guys have maintained the amazing customer service that we have come to appreciate and expect. I truly haven’t seen many gaps at all. We really appreciate your partnership and Lindy is truly my favorite person. She is always so calm and accommodating… 

RM Transaction Coordinator


Allegiant is the best on reverses out there.  No one is even close to Allegiant as far as service and experiences.

RM Loan Officer


I appreciate the blog info and I just can’t say enough about Krystal.  She is SO helpful and speedy with everything! 

RM Loan Officer


Just want to let you know Nicole and her team are awesome as always and I haven’t really had or seen any issues on our files. 

RM Loan Officer