Rob Awalt

Rob Awalt Builds A New Team

Professional athletes who become successful in subsequent careers often cite lessons from their sports experience as helping them meet the challenge. For Rob Awalt, former tight end for the St. Louis and Phoenix Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills from 1987 through 1993, the key takeaway is that the focus has to be on the team, not the individual. But to make the team successful, you have to concentrate on doing your own part as well as you possibly can.

This is the guiding principle that led Awalt to establish Allegiant Reverse Services in April 2016. The nationwide title and settlement company, headquartered in Roseville, California is dedicated exclusively to reverse mortgage closings. “We are not focused on running any other business or any part of the business, or the next real estate sale”, Awalt states. “If we take care of the borrower, the lenders are taken care of and have a loan that is done well that they can sell to a securitizer and servicer. Our part in the reverse mortgage process is to ‘glue it all together.” Not surprisingly, “we” and “team” references pepper Awalt’s conversations.

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